There are a number of videos and a few slide shows to come. One of them is a collection of hair shots of my lovely wife Megan. After so many years of Hairstyling I’m still amazed at the variation and shapes one can achieve, hair is fun.One day Megan all of a sudden decided she wanted to try blonde. The one thing I can honestly say is that we have both enjoyed every look we have done. Anytime one goes blonde from deep colours, it’s what we call “a big job”. Thank goodness she likes the finished result. Always seek advice on the right products. In our case we use L’Oreal Professionnel, not available in Drug Stores. L’Oreal even has bleaches that contain no ammonia, plus the best non-ammonia demi Richesse and permanent non-ammonia colour INOA.

Please note, when a true, honest professional hairstylist recommends a product, they are choosing,for example, a luxury shampoo and treatment for colour-treated hair. Plumping shampoo and styling products for fine limp hair. Anti-humectants, hydrating and moisturizing shampoos, treatments and styling products for overly curly and frizzy hair.

As you will notice, products fill the shelves in the drug stores. They must keep their prices low in order to compete. BUYER BEWARE: To have low prices, all these drug store products contain a much higher percentage of water, therefore diluting and sometimes excluding the expensive and effective ingredients.

Unknown 6 200x300  Unknown 7 200x300

Haircut by Robin, Colour by Helen , photos by Michael LaFond