Growing Out Short Hair

Twenty years ago I remember that Vogue forecast that short haircuts were “in” for Spring. Then that Winter they acclaimed that long hair was “it”.
This was before hair extensions, this meant that fashion followers had a serious problem because the average hair growth is half an inch per month.
It takes at least two years to grow hair long from short. I will soon be writing about the evolution of fashion and hairstyles.

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The top photograph of my lovely wife Megan was shot in February 2014. She wanted her hair very short and very blond (too pale for her, I felt). I said, “we are now going to grow your hair”. Twelve months later, February 2015, the rebirth of the shag.

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Shag: Hair grown in from a short haircut

Shaggy: Messy hair at any length

Beach Hair: Messy, unkept; looking like two-days old.

There are two ways to grow in one’s hair. Let the whole head of the hair grow in and it will naturally grow into a shag. Or as Megan demanded as we grew it in, “I want short bangs and the back cut off”, the bob.

If you have a round or square face, cutting a short bob or having full bangs might not be the best choice. If you let the back grow in a couple of inches longer than the jawline,  keep tucking the sides behind the ear until they become as long as the back… voila! Your hair is longer than your jawline. No bangs or side bangs would be favourable.

Have your hair cut with gravity and natural flow. NEVER allow a hairstylist to pull the hair forward if you wish your hair to grow longer at the front.

DSC2377 2 200x300

Megan loves her new cut, I love both, especially the colour: L’Oreal non-ammonia INOA in light copper-blonde.

Having been a hairstylist since 1960, you can imagine how many bobs I have cut and photographed! This year is only the third time that I recall that the shag has been forecast. In fashion, there has always been a type of bob in style, there is always long hair and always will be. Vive la différence!

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