Hair Stylist and Song Writer

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Besides being a Hairdresser, I also write songs, I created, with the help of several great musicians and wonderful singers, a CD at Rogue Studio for my 50th Anniversary Show at The Revival. One of the songs on that CD was brilliantly sung by the great local
Jazz singer, Julie Michels, “Reciprocation”. For 4 years I was searching for someone to translate the lyrics into Spanish, it’s a very sexy slow salsa.

 Through my friend Jaymz Bee of JazzFm, I was introduced to the talented painter, composer, singer DJ & performer Laura Fernandez.
 See her glamour shot that we did for a video we are putting together and listen to Laura sing her Spanish lyrics to “Deseo” at the bottom of the photo.

Also, catch “Save Humanity” song and video we did. Recorded at Kenny Munshaw’s studio in Kitchener (a super friend), the video by another great friend, Simon Bell.
“Save Humanity” was inspired by the “Arab Spring”. It took a year to complete.
 By that time, I was nervous that democracy would have taken hold and my songs would have been redundant.
 Today, we know there are still problems in Egypt, Libya, and of course Syria. As a “war baby” and Zoomer, I’m sad to say that I believe there will never be peace in this world of ours.
Through the centuries there has been conflict, whether because of avarice, power or religion.


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