10 Points to a Perfect Haircut

I always feel the responsibility when I’m asked to give a client or personality a “new look”. No more so when it is a performer.


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Chloe Charles is an amazing Indie Talent, songwriter, guitarist and lovely singer, check her out on www.chloecharles.com.

Like a lot of Toronto women, she is of mixed ethnicity . Her hair is naturally super curly, with a little relaxer, the right haircut, etc. and Chloe has a new promo shot. While there are a few of us that have a form for new clients to fill out, mostly for promotional records, I developed mine in the ’80s. I was doing a lot of new clients from all the TV makeovers I was performing. It was then I had developed my chart from my teaching classes. I did 2 clients, back to back,who didn’t know each other, and after having a free consultation, said “thanks, I’ll take this to my hairstylist.” That’s why today I charge $65.00 for a consultation, which if they have a haircut then or later, it is deducted from the first time hairshaping fee. What does the chart have, besides personal information and product recommendations?



It has 10 points to a perfect haircut.

    1.Face shape
    2.Head shape and profile
    4.Growth pattern
    5.Hair type: curly or straight; thick or fine
    6.Body type including height
    7.Colour season (warm or cool)
    8.Fashion type
    10.What the client doesn’t want

To me, a perfect haircut is not just a great execution of technique but means suitability for each individual.

Photo by Michael LaFond, make-up Holly McMillan. Gown Ula Zukowska

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