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Sthemby Gabadela Avatar
Sthemby Gabadela
Robin used me for a hair show back in 1966 He gave me the very best hairstyle that I ever had in my life. Glad that you are still in the industry
Annie Meidinger Avatar
Annie Meidinger
I have lived all over the world and one thing I regret, leaving Toronto, is not having Robin cut my hair anymore! Women especially, KNOW about the need for an absolutely perfect haircut and hairstyle and hair colour and finding the professional who can deliver ALL three is a lifelong search until one finally meets Robin Barker! He IS still a MASTER. He has taught some of the best hair professionals in the business, but if you are fortunate enough to get an appointment and sit in his chair and have your locks expertly handled, you will know the difference! I currently live in Vancouver where there is NOT ONE hairstylist who has even adequately given me what I want. All Robin has to do is merely look at you to know what will look incredible! Trust him to give you what will look fabulous! Next time I fly to Toronto, you know the first thing I'll do is to get him to finally give me a wonderful haircut and style that will finally make me so happy!
Marie V. Cruz Avatar
Marie V. Cruz
I have now had three haircuts by Robin Barker and they are the best cuts I’ve ever had in well over 50 years of going to different hairdressers. He listens carefully to what the client wants, offers excellent advice and then gives a cut that maintains its line beautifully even as it grows out over four or five months. Robin makes fine hair fall in such a way that it holds its line, looks smooth and thick and lively - with great motion and style. It’s a miracle!
wendy cecil Avatar
wendy cecil
I got a fabulous layered cut from Robin! I'll be going back to him for upkeep or style changes because he is simply the best I've ever had. Expert cutting for years now, he tells you what he's doing to your hair, secrets of his trade, and also entertaining stories from his wonderful life thus far!
Marie Wilson Avatar
Marie Wilson
Robin has been my hairdresser for 25 years! He always cuts my hair beautifully.
Clare Hargreave Avatar
Clare Hargreave
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