Who decides?

I remember in the mid 80's, I became incensed by an article in American Vogue, the magazine that was accepted as a guiding force in all things Fashion and the barometer of Trend. Of course like anyone who was involved in the fashion or Beauty World, I read the magazine and took notice. But this afore mentioned article was forecasting past the shoulders long hair for

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As I've mentioned before, in '64 I was in Calgary thinking my next move would be to Montreal, I met Canada's pre-eminent Hairstyling  Icon Gus Caruso, who saw my potential at the big Alberta Hair Show & invited me to work with his Team at his Salon in Toronto. It was a life changing decision and one I couldn't refuse.

In those days, there was no instructional videos, internet, very

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Is there magic to having or styling a makeover? I don’t think so. The results might be “magical” but to reach that point there are many layers of creativity: skin tone; hair colour; make-up; clothes; type and shape of hair; face shape; lifestyle.

For thirty years I got to do many makeovers on CityTV. I earned an excellent reputation for accomplishing fantastic results. When it was a solo appearance, the

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I had just finished my Hairdressing Course in London UK in ’61 Vidal Sassoon was modernizing hairstyles & hair cutting with his brilliant geometrics, first the blunt “guillotine” then the graduated bob. Creative hairstylists have revealed many almost endless variations of the bob. In the Canadian Competitions, “The Mirror Awards” and “The Contessa’s” I have have found that many of the entrants seem stuck in hard edged bobs, probably because

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Growing Out Short Hair

Twenty years ago I remember that Vogue forecast that short haircuts were “in” for Spring. Then that Winter they acclaimed that long hair was “it”.
This was before hair extensions, this meant that fashion followers had a serious problem because the average hair growth is half an inch per month.
It takes at least two years to grow hair long from short. I will soon be writing about the evolution

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