Who decides?

I remember in the mid 80's, I became incensed by an article in American Vogue, the magazine that was accepted as a guiding force in all things Fashion and the barometer of Trend. Of course like anyone who was involved in the fashion or Beauty World, I read the magazine and took notice. But this afore mentioned article was forecasting past the shoulders long hair for

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As I've mentioned before, in '64 I was in Calgary thinking my next move would be to Montreal, I met Canada's pre-eminent Hairstyling  Icon Gus Caruso, who saw my potential at the big Alberta Hair Show & invited me to work with his Team at his Salon in Toronto. It was a life changing decision and one I couldn't refuse.

In those days, there was no instructional videos, internet, very

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Is there magic to having or styling a makeover? I don’t think so. The results might be “magical” but to reach that point there are many layers of creativity: skin tone; hair colour; make-up; clothes; type and shape of hair; face shape; lifestyle.

For thirty years I got to do many makeovers on CityTV. I earned an excellent reputation for accomplishing fantastic results. When it was a solo appearance, the

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