I had just finished my Hairdressing Course in London UK in ’61 Vidal Sassoon was modernizing hairstyles & hair cutting with his brilliant geometrics, first the blunt “guillotine” then the graduated bob. Creative hairstylists have revealed many almost endless variations of the bob. In the Canadian Competitions, “The Mirror Awards” and “The Contessa’s” I have have found that many of the entrants seem stuck in hard edged bobs, probably because

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Growing Out Short Hair

Twenty years ago I remember that Vogue forecast that short haircuts were “in” for Spring. Then that Winter they acclaimed that long hair was “it”.
This was before hair extensions, this meant that fashion followers had a serious problem because the average hair growth is half an inch per month.
It takes at least two years to grow hair long from short. I will soon be writing about the evolution

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There are a number of videos and a few slide shows to come. One of them is a collection of hair shots of my lovely wife Megan. After so many years of Hairstyling I’m still amazed at the variation and shapes one can achieve, hair is fun.One day Megan all of a sudden decided she wanted to try blonde. The one thing I can honestly say is that we have

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Hair Stylist and Song Writer

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Besides being a Hairdresser, I also write songs, I created, with the help of several great musicians and wonderful singers, a CD at Rogue Studio for my 50th Anniversary Show at The Revival. One of the songs on that CD was brilliantly sung by the great local
Jazz singer, Julie Michels, “Reciprocation”. For 4 years I was searching for someone to translate the lyrics into Spanish, it’s a very

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