Growing Out Short Hair

Twenty years ago I remember that Vogue forecast that short haircuts were “in” for Spring. Then that Winter they acclaimed that long hair was “it”. This was before hair extensions, this meant that fashion followers had a serious problem because the average hair growth is half an inch per month. It takes at least two years to grow hair long from short. I will soon be writing about the evolution of fashion and hairstyles.


The top photograph of my lovely wife Megan was shot in February 2014. She wanted her hair very short and very blond (too pale for her, I felt). I said, “we are now going to grow your hair”. Twelve months later, February 2015, the rebirth of the shag.

_DSC2352 (2)

Shag: Hair grown in from a short haircut

Shaggy: Messy hair at any length

Beach Hair: Messy, unkept; looking like two-days old.

There are two ways to grow in one’s hair. Let the whole head of the hair grow in and it will naturally grow into a shag. Or as Megan demanded as we grew it in, “I want short bangs and the back cut off”, the bob.

If you have a round or square face, cutting a short bob or having full bangs might not be the best choice. If you let the back grow in a couple of inches longer than the jawline,  keep tucking the sides behind the ear until they become as long as the back… voila! Your hair is longer than your jawline. No bangs or side bangs would be favourable.

Have your hair cut with gravity and natural flow. NEVER allow a hairstylist to pull the hair forward if you wish your hair to grow longer at the front.

_DSC2377 (2)

Megan loves her new cut, I love both, especially the colour: L’Oreal non-ammonia INOA in light copper-blonde.

Having been a hairstylist since 1960, you can imagine how many bobs I have cut and photographed! This year is only the third time that I recall that the shag has been forecast. In fashion, there has always been a type of bob in style, there is always long hair and always will be. Vive la différence!


There are a number of videos and a few slide shows to come. One of them is a collection of hair shots of my lovely wife Megan. After so many years of Hairstyling I’m still amazed at the variation and shapes one can achieve, hair is fun.One day Megan all of a sudden decided she wanted to try blonde. The one thing I can honestly say is that we have both enjoyed every look we have done. Anytime one goes blonde from deep colours, it’s what we call “a big job”. Thank goodness she likes the finished result. Always seek advice on the right products. In our case we use L’Oreal Professionnel, not available in Drug Stores. L’Oreal even has bleaches that contain no ammonia, plus the best non-ammonia demi Richesse and permanent non-ammonia colour INOA.

Please note, when a true, honest professional hairstylist recommends a product, they are choosing,for example, a luxury shampoo and treatment for colour-treated hair. Plumping shampoo and styling products for fine limp hair. Anti-humectants, hydrating and moisturizing shampoos, treatments and styling products for overly curly and frizzy hair.

As you will notice, products fill the shelves in the drug stores. They must keep their prices low in order to compete. BUYER BEWARE: To have low prices, all these drug store products contain a much higher percentage of water, therefore diluting and sometimes excluding the expensive and effective ingredients.

Unknown-6 Unknown-7

Haircut by Robin, Colour by Helen , photos by Michael LaFond

Hair Stylist and Song Writer

Besides being a Hairdresser, I also write songs, I created, with the help of several great musicians and wonderful singers, a CD at Rogue Studio for my 50th Anniversary Show at The Revival. One of the songs on that CD was brilliantly sung by the great local LauraFernandez6278Jazz singer, Julie Michels, “Reciprocation”. For 4 years I was searching for someone to translate the lyrics into Spanish, it’s a very sexy slow salsa. Through my friend Jaymz Bee of JazzFm, I was introduced to the talented painter, composer, singer DJ & performer Laura Fernandez. See her glamour shot that we did for a video we are putting together and listen to Laura sing her Spanish lyrics to “Deseo” at the bottom of the photo.

Also, catch “Save Humanity” song and video we did. Recorded at Kenny Munshaw’s studio in Kitchener (a super friend), the video by another great friend, Simon Bell. “Save Humanity” was inspired by the “Arab Spring”. It took a year to complete. By that time, I was nervous that democracy would have taken hold and my songs would have been redundant. Today, we know there are still problems in Egypt, Libya, and of course Syria. As a “war baby” and Zoomer, I’m sad to say that I believe there will never be peace in this world of ours. Through the centuries there has been conflict, whether because of avarice, power or religion.

Enjoy the music.

10 Points to a Perfect Haircut

I always feel the responsibility when I’m asked to give a client or personality a “new look”. No more so when it is a performer.

Unknown-5Chloe Charles is an amazing Indie Talent, songwriter, guitarist and lovely singer, check her out on

Like a lot of Toronto women, she is of mixed ethnicity . Her hair is naturally super curly, with a little relaxer, the right haircut, etc. and Chloe has a new promo shot. While there are a few of us that have a form for new clients to fill out, mostly for promotional records, I developed mine in the ’80s. I was doing a lot of new clients from all the TV makeovers I was performing. It was then I had developed my chart from my teaching classes. I did 2 clients, back to back,who didn’t know each other, and after having a free consultation, said “thanks, I’ll take this to my hairstylist.” That’s why today I charge $65.00 for a consultation, which if they have a haircut then or later, it is deducted from the first time hairshaping fee. What does the chart have, besides personal information and product recommendations?

It has 10 points to a perfect haircut.

  1. Face shape
  2. Head shape and profile
  3. Hairline
  4. Growth pattern
  5. Hair type: curly or straight; thick or fine
  6. Body type including height
  7. Colour season (warm or cool)
  8. Fashion type
  9. Lifestyle
  10. What the client doesn’t want

To me, a perfect haircut is not just a great execution of technique but means suitability for each individual.

Photo by Michael LaFond, make-up Holly McMillan. Gown Ula Zukowska


I was so lucky to go to Hairdressing School in London, England in 1960. It was the grooviest time. Carnaby Street,the Music & Clubs.

I was a huge fan of the Paris Designers and Hairstylists. Those Parisians knew how to make every female look sexy, how to do back brushed bouffant updo’s, short gamine haircuts and of course the Bridget Bardot Look. Hairdressing got even more expressive in London as this fellow known as Vidal Sassoon was just starting to make his name heard. I feel most fortunate to have learned “old school” methods of hair shaping just before Sassoon. A few years later with an ability to think, a little bit of luck and insight I was able to develop some original techniques and approach to shaping hairstyles. I realized that while many stylists start their haircuts from the nape first, that wasn’t logical (unless it was a classic all one length blunt cut). Clients look at their face for their style suitability, so common sense told me to start shaping hair at the bangs or around the face. The other thing I realized, probably influenced by Vidal, is that if you wish for the shape your cut to go back to the same place that it was carved, then it has to be shaped with gravity and the natural flow. Unfortunately today, 85% of haircutters cut the perimeter of the haircut by pulling the hair forward. When something is too easy in life, it’s probably incorrect. Some stylists even put their clients head down towards the floor to shape it, huge mistake. The other most important thing that happened for me was the day a model came into me with a mess. She had asked her stylist to cut layers which he wasn’t trained to do. He just grabbed the top third of her hair and chopped.

She ended up having a bowl on top of another blunt bowl. In tears she pleaded with me to “ do something “. I thought about it for awhile and invented a new technique by inverting layers in a gravitational line. This blended out the hard line caused by the chop.

The photos attached show the long layered haircut, notice how much hair is in the front (this hair is all lost if the cut is pulled forward), The second shot is from suggesting clients could wrap their hair up at night in rags, something that gals used to do during World War 2. The 3rd pic shows the sexy casual curls from rags.

Unknown-2 Unknown-3 Unknown-4

New Beginnings

After being a hairdresser for 53 years and an owner for 43 years, last October I handed over my Salon to one of my Staff, Anthony Passero. I get kind of irritated when people say, “ So, how do you like Retirement? “I am not retiring, creative people never stop creating. I love doing hair too much, in fact besides being as talented as ever I have an abundance of experience. I love the fact that I am able to create very edgy looks to more high fashion/sophisticated hair styles. One of the reasons that my clients come back year after year is that they love the fact my hair cuts last a very long time, grow-in beautifully and are easy to maintain.

avant_garde_asymetrical_fullsize elegant_high_fashion_evening_fullsize